Order from chaos

Anna Hart™ bags were born out of my search for the perfect “Mommy Bag”. Thanks to my three children, I always leave the house with the kitchen sink – water bottles, iPods, wet-wipes, sports kit, snacks, extra clothes, sunblock (we live on the equator!); and that’s just my kids’ stuff. If I haven’t left it on top of the car, my giant wallet, camera, sunglasses and keys also need a home.  So I took out my sewing machine and stitched together (there were also a few staples involved for want of certain technical skills at that point …) the first bag.

But I wanted something fun, too. I love the way social media has people sharing aspects of their lives and thought it would be fun to bring a little bit of that to the “real” world – right onto your handbag. I enjoy the notion of random encounters (at Starbucks, on the soccer field watching your child's game, at the grocery store, etc.)  Ideally, your Anna Hart™ bag will be a great conversation starter:

"Is that photo from Rawa Island?  My family went last year and loved it!" "What a cute dog!  Is that a Jack Russell?"  "Are you at Fenway Park in that photo?  The Red Sox played well last night."

Armed with a very basic prototype, I teamed up with my cousin David, a thirty-year industry veteran, and his chief designer to create a proper bag (no staples, I promise).  Several incarnations later as we got more and more excited by the idea, Anna Hart™ bags were finally ready to introduce to the world. A lot of passion and dedication has gone into creating our products and we hope you enjoy using them as much as we've enjoyed creating them.

Warmest regards,

Anna Hart


Who am I?

My name is Anna Hart and I think I can lay claim to being a truly global citizen! I am half Swedish, half Chinese and was born in Seoul. I spent my childhood on the East Coast in Boston and my late teens and early twenties as a West Coast girl in Los Angeles. From my mid-twenties I called Hong Kong home and it is where I met and married my South African husband, Rob, who is of Scottish and Irish decent, and gave birth to my three lively children, Zoe, Max and Guy. In 2008, we moved to Singapore.

Giving back

Aside from my day job over the past decade working for GaveKal, an investment advisory firm in Hong Kong, and my full time job as a Mom, I’ve also spent a lot of time pursuing a passion for a wonderful charity, Room to Read. After several years of supporting their fund-raising efforts in Hong Kong, I co-founded the Singapore chapter in 2009.

I’m really inspired by Room to Read, which aims to bring the gift of lifelong education to children in the developing world, specifically through their Girls’ Education Program.  With Anna Hart™ I felt it was important to continue to support Room to Read, so right from the start a percentage of each bag sold will be donated to their programs.  Please read more about them on the GIVE page of this website and join Anna Hart™ in supporting this very worthwhile cause.